Eilean Pearcey

Below are some images of Eilean Pearcey.  Pearcey was an artist working predominately in dance illustration from 1928 until she died in 1999.  The NRCD was bequeathed all her work, diaries, letters, books, dance publications and ephemera.

An important part of this project involves copyright clearance of digitised material.  This can be quite straight forward as the NRCD has good links with many photographers and artists working in the dance community. Also the NRCD holds the copyright for some of the collections in our care, for example the unpublished work of Rudolf Laban and the drawings of Eilean Pearcey.

We do have items in our archives that have no clear information on who their author is.  Where possible we try to find the holder of the copyright but often these items are classed as Orphan works.

While we know that the images below are of Eilean Pearcey, we currently have no information on who produced them. If you recognise these images or can help us identify who the copyright holder is, please let us know.

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