What has the CCC:EED project done for us?

From the teaching and learning perspective, academic staff have been able to reflect upon and revise the content, teaching methods and assessment of dance modules in a blended fashion. This educational review has enabled the implementation of online independent and collaborative learning for dance students and it is facilitating the transformation of the VLE as a common space for module activity and communication, including easy access to relevant library resources.

The project has encouraged student engagement with technology as part of their formal studies (both inside and outside lectures), fostered creativity and motivation through the use of different technologies and digital tools, and has increased digital literacy amongst both staff and students. All of these aspects will make possible new ways of delivering teaching and engaging students in the future.  The lessons learned through the development of these dance modules which blend online and classroom activity will be used to reflect upon and inform delivery of other subjects within the School of Arts.

For the NRCD and its archives, the project has improved knowledge, systems and documentation for digitisation processes, created a mass of new digital content for use in current and future resources, allowed for dissemination of archive content which in turn should raise awareness of the potential of NRCD archive content for teaching and learning and hopefully increase use of the collections.


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