Initial internal questionnaires

Questionnaires were sent in February 2012 to all students and members of staff in the Dance Department at the University of Surrey in order to gather general information on current e-learning practices within the programme. They were designed using the online tool SurveyMonkey.

Students initial survey

Teachers initial survey

VLE student forum

A student forum has been set up in the university’s VLE (ULearn) to facilitate feedback from students engaged in the e-learning activities created for this project. (Spring semester)

Forums where set up in the new VLE (SurreyLearn) to answer students difficulties with e-learning. (Autumn semester)

Student focus groups

The CCC: EED team will test and evaluate the new e-learning activities and e-submission process at the end of this academic year.  HE1 and HE2 students will be invited to participate in small focus groups to gather their thoughts on their e-learning experiences.


Teacher interviews

Teachers will be interviewed at the end of the term about any issues arising from implementing e-learning in their dance modules.

Both focus groups discussions and interviews will be audio recorded. Feedback from teachers and students will be used to revise the materials and the e-submission process.


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