Resources for teachers

Planning_e-activities_for_dance_teachers: This document is a guide for dance teachers who wish to integrate e-learning activities in their modules. It provides a few notes and a table with guidance and links to key resources, tools and skills. (Created by the CCC:EED team)

Accessibility of eLearning: This unit is part of a teaching professional’s skills to understand the needs of a diverse population of students. It introduces the challenges for disabled students who may use computers in different ways when taking part in eLearning or may need alternative teaching methods.

OER Academic Practice in Higher Education: A unit that draws together a selection of Open Educational Resource (OER) materials that can be used by Academic practitioners in the HE community. This unit is under construction, but you can read it and send comments to the authors.

Start OERing: This document offers a flowchart and a checklist to dance teachers and students who are thinking of sharing their educational resources. (Created by the CCC:EED team)

Advice and support with digital technologies and OERs

JISC Digital Media: A website with very comprehensive advice on the use of digital media.

Digitalis: A website that offers support and advice on using digital technologies to enhance and embed creative reflection.

SCORE: This is a Support Centre for Open Resources in Education. The site includes lot of advice on OERs.

OER FAQ: The Higher Education Academy has produced this set of Frequently Asked Questions about OERs.

OER Commons Tutorial: This is a great tutorial to get teachers started with OERs. It offers advice on how to create your own portfolio of OER activities.

Enhancing Learning Through Technology: PALATINE was The Higher Education Academy  site for Dance, Drama and Music. Check out their papers and resources on e-learning.

Reflecting on Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts: Intended to support and enhance the professional practice of those involved in Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts in Higher Education. Eight study areas to build a portfolio of evidence, a Reflective Portfolio.

Creative Commons licenses: Get to know in these pages all the different CC licenses.

Finding Creative Commons images:  This video from Richard Byrne shows you how to find Creative Commons images for your e-learning activities.


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