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First e-learning packages now available

The first two e-learning dance packages are now available in Jorum. Introducing Choreography This package contains the following materials: Instructions for students. Two documents with instructions about each of the e-learning assessment tasks: The Artist’s Sketchbook: A Process Space and … Continue reading

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New focus on Arts and Society

Although the initial plan for the project was to focus on year 2 Dance, Politics and Identity module, we will be working instead on a learning package for year 1 Arts and Society module. The decision is trying to address … Continue reading

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Student feedback

In the past few days the project team has been collecting feedback from Choreography and Movement analysis and notation students on their e-learning activities this term. Two focus groups were organized, conducted and recorded just after students handed in their … Continue reading

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Renaming the choreographic handbook

Up until now, students have worked on paper choreographic handbooks where they would collect notes, quotes, images, videos, and drawings that have inspired and influenced their solo and duet choreographies. This term volunteer first year students are completing their first … Continue reading

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Choreography: exploring duet composition

First year choreography students are exploring the body as a resource for composing dances and as a site for expressing concepts and ideas. The module introduces movement as a starting point for the development of choreographic skills in dance, enabling … Continue reading

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Selected modules for e-learning

This semester the project work is focusing on e-learning activities for first year “Introducing Choreography” and second year “Laban Movement Analysis and Notation” students. Students reading a labanotation score, iPad photos taken by Inma Álvarez

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