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Blended learning

This week e-tutor met with academic staff to discuss e-learning within the new VLE. The selected modules for the CCC:EED project are looking into an effective implementation of blended learning that makes a greater use of module websites. Topics discussed … Continue reading

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Future use of copyright and ophan works

Some interesting developments in the way that copyright and orphan works could be monitored in the future. Will the Hooper report’s recommendations be feasible? http://www.ipo.gov.uk/about/press/press-release/press-release-2012/press-release-20120731.htm

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Issues on intellectual property

The CCC: EED project activities have raised a number of issues around intellectual property. One important question for the production of OERs is whether students themselves are the owners of the copyright of their work or the university. There isn’t … Continue reading

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Eilean Pearcey

Below are some images of Eilean Pearcey.  Pearcey was an artist working predominately in dance illustration from 1928 until she died in 1999.  The NRCD was bequeathed all her work, diaries, letters, books, dance publications and ephemera. An important part … Continue reading

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